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secure 3n

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Tour de cou SECURE
The neckband style hearing protector offers great versatility to the user. A perfect solution when you need hearing protection in combination with bump caps, wide brimmed helmets, helmets without attachment slots or stand-alone face protection. Protection level 3 is suitable for high to very high noise levels, between 100-115 dB. Fortunatly a rare environment for most workers, but the best and only choice when nothing else will do. Protection level 3 is also the best choice when the noise is dominated by low frequencies, a type of noise that masks out speech and other important sounds as well as causing stress and nausia.

Peut être utilisé avec un casque ou une protection faciale montée sur la tête. Sangle de soutien confortable.

Le serre-tête en velcro souple convient à tous les tours de tête et maintient une pression uniforme sur la tête.

Codage couleur pour faciliter la sélection et l’identification.

Coussins souples avec système « encliquetable » astucieux pour faciliter le remplacement.
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SECURE 3N For use in high noise level environments Best choice in low frequency dominated noise The SECURE neckband style earmuff offers great versatility to the user. A perfect solution when you need hearing protection in conjunction with bump caps, helmets without attachment slots or head mounted face protection. The strong and flexible neckband balances the weight over the neck, keeping an even and comfortable pressure over the ears. “Snap-in” ear cushions with minimal sweat retention and soft foam filling increases the high comfort and are easily replaced, for a fresh long-lived product. Features Soft cushions maintains a high level of comfort protection The soft Velcro headband fits any head size and keeps an even pressure over head Color coding for easy selection and identification Fully compatible with Hellberg’s SAFE™ Visor System Technical specifications Part no: 43003-001 Style: Neckband Weight: 240 g Unit pack: Box Masterbox qty: 20 SNR: 33 NRR: 27 SLC (80): 31 Applications: Airport ground crew, Motor racing, Drill hammering etc